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Fo Shan Xin Chuang Decorative Material Co,. Ltd.

We provide customers with various kinds of quality interior decoration panels including laminated board sheets and high gloss mdf panels with high-quality services.


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UV MDF board, laminated plywood sheets supply

Acrylic sheet manufacturer - Zhihua has over 20 years of supplying mdf wall sheet, laminated plywood boards, laminated mdf board, uv mdf board, petg board as well as acrylic mdf board.

Acrylic MDF Board

Acrylic MDF Board

LCT Laminated MDF Board

LCT Gloss Laminated MDF

PETG Gloss Sheet

PETG Board

UV High Light Series

UV Plain Colors

UV Wood Grain Series

UV Marble Colors

Wood Grain Series

UV Wooden Colors


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Zhihua group has over 20-years experience in manufacturing high quality mdf wall panel, laminated plywood panels as well as acrylic mdf sheet, etc.

The history of ZHIHUA Group starts from 1997, when Mr Nie Kaiming founded the company Guangzhou Xinchuang decorative material co., ltd. in Shijing Town, Guangzhou. The Workshop was originally only 900 M2, after 20 years development, it has growed into a big group company with 4 branches: FoShan Xin Chuang Decorative Material Co., ltd., Foshan Zhihua Houseware Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Zhihua Kitchen Accessories Co Ltd & Foshan DAEI Biological Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. There are 2 production bases: No 1 production base in Lishui covers a area more than 30000 M3, and No2 production base in Shanshui with more than 50000 M2, which was completed in the end of 2017.


The high gloss panels supplier to produce
UV MDF boards in China


Poly Garden Engineering Bureau

Poly Garden Engineering Bureau

Poly Zishan Engineering Bureau

Poly Zishan Engineering Bureau


Zhihua is an expert of acrylic sheet manufacturer, we will publish some latest news about mdf wall panel, laminated plywood sheets, laminated mdf board, uv mdf board. Welcome to attain more information.

Uv Painted Gloss Mdf Board Vs Gloss Laminated Plywood, Which One Is Your Right Choice?


Nowadays more and more people choose high gloss panel as their kitchen doors, because high gloss doors makes kitchen cabinets look modern and luxurious. When it refers to the basic material of kitchen doors, there are mainly mdf board, particle board and plywood board. Today let me Differences, Pros and Cons between the two kinds of material.

Zhihua has completed the super matt MDF board production line


October 22, 2018, is a remarkable day in the history of Zhihua Group, when the Chairman of Zhihua Group, Mr. Nie announced that Zhihua group has successfully produced super matt mdf board, soft touch gloss MDF board, which marks Zhihua company is the first manufacturer in China to produce super matt MDF sheets.

Where is gloss MDF board used?


UV MDF board finds its most common use in gloss cabinet doors. Most cabinets doors comprise of both solid wood and MDF elements. MDF is usually found on the doors and interior decoration panel.