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New models gloss MDF board launched by Zhihua

  • SOURCE: zhuv
  • TIME: 2018/09/12

gloss uv mdf board

ZHihua UV Gloss MDF Board are produced with most advanced technology, with a lot of painting-curing processes, in which the UV gloss paint is sprayed onto the surface of board or particle board to achieve a super gloss and shinning surfaced wood panel. Our high gloss mdf panels bring modern, graceful furniture combinations with mirror-like surface effect for kitchen cabinet. These UV MDF boards are resistance to wear, scratches and impact, reflect the naturalness of the wood and enriches interior decoration with various colors.


We keep publishing new gloss UV coating MDF products, the latest UV board products is UV Maosen gloss mdf series , model no starts from MS-1812 to MS-1822, total 8 colors. Those gloss MDF sheet designs look like peacock feather. All those designs are originally created by ZHIHUA Group which has applied for a patent for those models. They are ideal high gloss wood panels for kitchen cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, furniture doors and interior decoration panels. Those super matt MDF board new designs are warmly welcomed by many customers.


Our UV Maosen glossy MDF series, those designs are different from the traditional UV colors, which looks like the peacock feather and are very vivid and colorful. So when you choose those colorful interior decoration panel for your gloss cabinet doors, people will have a very refreshing feeling the moment he looks at it, which will make your kitchen so special. If you choose those Gloss MDF designs for your wall decoration panel or wardrobe doors, your children will like it so much. And it will bring a lot of laughing and happiness to your family.


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