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Zhihua has completed the super matt MDF board production line

  • SOURCE: Zhihua
  • TIME: 2018/11/20
October 22, 2018, is a remarkable day in the history of Zhihua Group, when the Chairman of Zhihua Group, Mr. Nie announced that Zhihua group has successfully produced super matt mdf board, soft touch gloss MDF board, which marks Zhihua company is the first manufacturer in China to produce super matt MDF sheets. It ended the history that Chinese enterprises need to import super matte MDF sheets from Western Europe.
1)After around one year’s waiting, the machine for Super matt MDF finally Zhihua Company.  We invested a lot of money to introduce this world-leading German production line for Super Matt MDF.
2)Germany engineers carefully installed machines and guided Chinese employees how to operate the machine in a correct way.
3)After many times tests, the first batch of Super matt MDF panels was successfully produced with high quality. All our employees cheered and set off firecrackers to celebrate.
super matt mdf board

Characteristics of  Zhihua's Super Matt MDF Board :

1)Super Scratch resistance. Ordinary high gloss MDF board easily get scratched, but Zhihua Super Matt MDF board can be as anti-scratch as up to 5H.
2)Long Life Span. For Super Matt MDF Board, it can be used as kitchen doors, wardrobe doors and other home decorations. The lifespan can be as long as 10 years.
3)Perfect touching sense. For the super matt MDF, when you touch it with your hand, you will get a perfect, it is so smooth and cool, It feels like touching the baby's skin.
4)Color Stability. For the super matt MDF, the colors will be never fade or change. There is no any color difference between different batches.
5)Easy to maintain and clean. For Super matt MDF board, the surface is high stain resistance. So it is very easy to clean and maintain.
Standard Size : 1220X2440X18MM.
If necessary, we can also provide 9mm, 12mm,16mm,21mm and 25mm in thickness.   Maximum size can be 1220X2740MM. Match color PVC edge banding also be provided.
Colors available: All the UV wooden and Marble colors of Zhihua high gloss MDF can be produced with the matt finish. And also there will 10 plain colors available with backside same color.

Application of super matt mdf sheet

Super Matt MDF Can be widely used as interior decorations like kitchen doors, wardrobe doors, wall decorations, etc. The perfect touching sense will bring your home lots of warmness and happiness.