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Why Zhihua Metallic UV Gloss MDF Board is much more expensive?

  • SOURCE: Zhihua
  • TIME: 2018/10/15

Since the establishment of Zhihua company, UV gloss MDF board is one of the most famous merchandise. In fact, there is a history of greater than 20 years for UV high gloss MDF panels production of our company. Our UV MDF board collection includes UV simple color, UV timber color, UV marble color & UV metal colors. And you will locate that why Zhihua UV steel colors are plenty more luxurious than different UV models: around USD 8 difference.

uv gloss mdf board

Actually, in the very beginning, the charge of UV metallic hues are solely round USD three – four higher. At that time, the shinning glittering in the floor of metallic laminated MDF board is glittering powders, which is sprinkled by using the hand at some point of the production. Then there was once a lot of complaints from consumers because the glitterings are no longer even, so there was once the apparent coloration distinction between the gloss MDF boards.

In order to resolve the problem, our group have to find some other solution: Order the gloss PVC film with the glittering, then press the PVC film onto the MDF board earlier than UV coating MDF. Thus the value is a great deal higher, but ensures there is no shade distinction problem. And looks lots extra high gloss and luxurious.

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