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Where is gloss MDF board used?

  • SOURCE: Zhihua
  • TIME: 2018/11/06
UV MDF board finds its most common use in gloss cabinet doors. Most cabinets doors comprise of both solid wood and MDF elements. MDF is usually found on the doors and interior decoration panel for the reasons stated above (easier to paint, easier to clean, does not warp and so on).
But it is not just the cabinet where gloss MDF board finds its use. MDF with its waterproof function is the preferable choice over solid wood. When getting high gloss MDF panels for use in the bathroom or any other damp environment, check that it is specially made to be moisture resistant. 
gloss mdf sheet
For fire protection, fire retardant gloss MDF board is recommended. While this type of high gloss MDF panels is more common in commercial areas, it can also be used at home to provide fire protection especially in places like the kitchen and bedrooms.
Another consideration when using MDF, is when it is compared to laminated plywood sheets.  This is not necessarily a comparison you would do for kitchen cabinets, but in other construction, instances choosing laminated plywood sheets vs UV MDF boards may be a choice you need to consider.
MDF can also be used purely for aesthetic purposes. A good example of this is wainscoting. Unlike past years when wood was the sole wainscoting material in use, today there is a variety of materials used including MDF. MDF wainscoting can be customized in many styles and can be used in the kitchen, living room, or even bathroom.
Another area where MDF is used is in shelving. Whether it is the inside of a cabinet, an open wall shelf, or a bookshelf, MDF is preferred because of its smooth surface. But be careful about placing the heavy weight on it as it can sag with time. If you plan to place heavy weights on the MDF shelving, consider reinforcing it with solid wood.
Finally, MDF is widely used as a material for both interior and exterior doors. There are specially made MDF boards designed to be stylish, hardy and durable. In fact, MDF doors can provide more customization options than solid wood doors.
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