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What are the kinds of the high gloss MDF boards?

  • SOURCE: zhuv
  • TIME: 2018/09/04

For high gloss mdf board, now in the market, there are mainly 2 groups: UV paint gloss MDF board and laminated gloss mdf board.

UV paint mdf board

high gloss mdf boards

As for UV paint mdf board, the advantage is that it is the most economical product, with the production volume of more than 3000 pieces daily of one production line. So the cost is much less and its price can be much more competitive than lamination high gloss mdf panels. Another advantage for UV gloss mdf board is that there are much more colors available than lamination gloss mdf board. Because VU paint is on the melamine MDF board, so when you change the melamine paper, that will be the new color of UV gloss paint mdf. As there are thousands of melamine paper colors available, thus there are so many colors of UV paint gloss mdf board in the market.

But the UV paint is chemical material, so more or less the color will change when it is exposed to the light or sunshine, then you will find some waves in the surface especially white color, which easily turns to yellow.

Lamination high gloss mdf panels

UV paint mdf board

For the lamination high gloss mdf panels, now in the market, there are mainly acrylic and PETG lamination mdf board. For lamination gloss MDF, the surface will be more even than painted gloss one, and also we can choose other base material like plywood, to produce high gloss laminated plywood. And because it is the whole sheet laminated gloss board, there will be no any waves or color changes in the surface. Its disadvantage is that the cost will be much higher because the gloss laminating film is much more expensive than the UV gloss paint. And production speed is much slower with fewer color designs available than UV gloss paint mdf board.

Zhihua Group is professional in manufacturing high gloss mdf board with more than 20 years experience. That's why Zhihua is a famous brand in China and more and more clients choose our gloss mdf board.

There are 2 automatic UV production lines of uv gloss paint mdf board in our company, with the daily production capacity of more than 4000 pieces. From the bottom to the surface, there are 6-8 times UV paint spraying, So the UV paint is much thicker and looks more high gloss than the one from other manufacturers. And before UV paint, the surface of mdf board will be sanded by sanding machine imported from Italy, which is the most advanced one in the world. Thus the surface of Zhihua gloss mdf board is more even and fewer bubbles. And we will publish around 40 new colors of UV gloss mdf board to the market.

For our high gloss laminated mdf sheets, now there are acrylic laminated mdf board and PETG laminated mdf board. Firstly we will choose high quality mdf / plywood board and lamination sheet, together with the glue imported from klebchemie company, Germay and the first class pressing machine from Spain, our high gloss laminated mdf board is super gloss and flat in the surface, scratch resistance and environment-friendly.

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