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Fo Shan Xin Chuang Decorative Material Co,. Ltd.

We provide customers with various kinds of quality interior decoration panels including laminated board sheets and high gloss mdf panels with high-quality services.


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OEM Service

Zhihua Group can provide high quality gloss MDF board with various colors of more than 200, but OEM service can also be provided as well…..
1) For high gloss UV paint MDF Board, Customers provide special MDF board or plywood  for his own products.
2) For High gloss UV paint MDF board, if the customer wants his own color, For UV marble and wooden color, customers can provide his melamine papers accordingly. For UV plain colors, customers can provide the sample sheets, we can produce the matching color accordingly. As our UV production line is more than 170 meters, so for any customized colors, the minimum order quantity will be 300 pieces.
3) For Acrylic MDF board, LCT board, PETG sheet, high gloss laminated MDF sheets, customers can provide the laminated sheets, we can press those laminated sheets onto MDF or plywood as per customers' requirements.
4) Customers grant Zhihua Group to use their brand and trademarks on the products.
5) ZHIHUA Group will guarantees that the products provided will be with high quality without any delay.