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We provide customers with various kinds of quality interior decoration panels including laminated board sheets and high gloss mdf panels with high-quality services.


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Petg Film Manufacturers Supply High Gloss Petg Film Laminated Boards
lct series laminated panel
lct series laminated finish boards

18mm High Gloss PET Film Laminated MDF Board LCT-3002

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Model Number: LCT-3002
  • Material: Wood Fiber
  • Usage: Indoor
  • Feature: Moisture-Proof
  • Grade: First-Class
  • Fibreboard Type: MDF / Semi-hardboards
  • Formaldehyde Emission Standards: E1
  • Size: 1220x2440mm
  • Thickness: 10mm,13mm,17mm,19mm
  • Surface: High gloss PETG sheets laminated;
  • Back side: White melamine paper
  • Edge banding: 3D acrylic edge banding
  • Density: 680-830KG / M3
  • Certificate: ISO9001:2008
  • Application: Kitchen cabinet,bedroom wardrobe,bathroom cabinet,etc.
  • Weight: 43Kg / sheet
  • Monthly output: 80000 Sheets
  • Type: Fibreboards
18mm High Gloss PET Film Laminated MDF Board LCT-3002 02

LCT Gloss Laminated MDF

For LCT laminated MDF Board, it is one of the most successful serials from ZHIHUA Company in recent years. The surface material is 0.5mm PETG imported from Korea, after laminated onto 18mm MDF Board, the LCT Board looks super flat in the surface. And Korea manufacturer guarantees that no any color difference or change to the gloss surface. The LCT laminated mdf board has been highly accepted by the Western countries like USA, Australia, France, Canada etc., even though it is sold at higher price than other gloss MDF board. There are super gloss and super matt models are follows:
The advantage of ZHIHUA LCT laminated MDF Board is as followings:
1) Super flat in the surface where you can not find any waves or bubbles.
2) No color difference between different batches.
3) No color changes and long life span.
4) Scratch resistance and high gloss / matt in the surface.
5) The LCT film can be laminated onto MDF, Plywood or Particle Board as per customers’ requirements.


Foshan Xinchuang Decorative Material Co., Ltd., as one of the petg film manufacturers in China, with fourteen years experience in this area, today would like to share you some insights about petg film.


With the increasing requirements of quality of life and the gradual strengthening of environmental awareness, the emergence of PETG sheet, plate film, high-grade decorative film and other products makes up for many defects in the processing and use of the existing PVC, PP, PMMA, PC and other materials, and is a truly green and environmentally friendly product. It has passed the American FDA standard on food contact, does not contain any harmful substances, and its gas permeability is almost zero, which can effectively block harmful substances (such as formaldehyde, benzene, dioxin, etc.) released by all kinds of adhesive, coating, adhesive and other materials. So petg film is very popular among petg film manufacturers in China, it is an industry full of potential.


PETG film is mainly used to decorate the surface of sheet metal, glass, aluminum profile and other building materials, and widely used in high-grade furniture, household appliances, cabinets, wardrobes, doors, ceiling, indoor and outdoor wall decoration, elevator box and other industries. It is non-toxic, pollution-free, recyclable and degraded, and is an excellent green environmental protection material. Its color, pattern variety is the perfect embodiment of natural, elegant, fashionable quality. It does not crack, does not change color, and is not easy to fold. When bending, it does not turn white and has good toughness. After special flame retardant treatment, it has excellent fire resistance and fully conforms to the international fire prevention standards in the industry. Its use process is simple and easy to operate for petg film manufacturers, so it can effectively solve the thorny problems such as energy waste and environmental pollution caused by traditional processes (electroplating, painting, etc.).


At present, many developed countries, such as South Korea, Japan, the United States, have generally begun to use this product. For customers with high requirements in all aspects, PETG materials are undoubtedly born to be the top choice of decoration panels and edge seals. PETG film is a new type of high-tech building decoration material, it has the high-quality characteristics, completely solves many defects in the processing and use of traditional materials, can better reflect energy conservation and environmental protection and create low-carbon life environment, is the real green environmental protection product. The product is widely used in Europe, America, Japan, Korea and other developed countries, and leads the fashion trend of international architectural decoration industry, which is popular with professional designers and consumers and is also a good business opportunity for petg film manufacturers. Compared with the products with foreign brands, we believe that there are many more to be done in the aspects of catalyst improvement, optimization of polymerization conditions, optimization of raw material recovery route, product performance optimization, formula development, and so on, we hope that more petg film manufacturers can join in this field of greater development, lead the industry and promote the industrial progress.

18mm High Gloss PET Film Laminated MDF Board LCT-3002 03




18mm High Gloss PET Film Laminated MDF Board LCT-3002


high gloss PETG sheets laminated on MDF board


36 different color


Standard size 2440*1220
Or custom size




Solid color

Board grade

E1, E2,CARB P2


high brightness, rich color, extremely smooth surface
high-hardness, scratch resistant
anti-oxidant, anti-yellowing, no color fading or UV peeling off ,
waterproof, anti-bacterium, acid and alkali resistant
easy to clean and process
No color difference between different batches.


kitchen cabinet /wardrobe /  

interior decoration for bedroo m, living room, bathroom

 / TV stand/ exhibition panel/bookshelf/ shoe cabinet


 200 sheets


We offer both pallet loose packing and pallet packing:For loose packing,1X20' container can load 460 sheets,for pallet packing,1X20' Container can load 400 sheets in 8 pallets,each pallet in 50 sheets.

Lead time

7-15 days after deposit received


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