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We provide customers with various kinds of quality interior decoration panels including laminated board sheets and high gloss mdf panels with high-quality services.


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UV Metallic Color MDF Board Manufacturing
decorative furniture sheet

16mm Decorative Material UV MDF Board ZH-3908

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Model Number: ZH-3908
  • Color: Wood grain
  • Size: 1220mmx2440mm
  • Thickniss: 9mm, 18mm
  • Type: furniture cover
  • Grade: E1/E2
  • material: MDF
  • Application: home decoration,furniture, closet, wardrobe
16mm Decorative Material UV MDF Board ZH-3908 03

UV Metallic Color

ZHIHUA Company has 2 fully automatic UV production line, the longer one is around 170 Meters long, with daily production of more than 3000 pieces. From the Beginning to the end, there is UV bottom paint, UV color paint & UV surface paint, total more than 6-8 times UV painting spraying.
1) It is environmental friendly without emitting any chemical or gas.
It is laboratory proved that ZHIHUA UV Gloss MDF is environmental friendly without emitting any chemical or gas, which can been seen from the test report issued by Chinese government authority. The process of drying the paint by UV rays in some closed chambers, it is natural under PLC control process ensures no any unhealthy chemical gas be given out.
2) Super Gloss, anti scratch and moisture resistance.
High quality MDF board is used as basic material makes Zhihua UV gloss board more moisture resistance and scratch resistance. Many layers of UV coating ensures ZHIHUA gloss MDF board more endurable to scratches, dents and fungal attack.
3) Easy to process and maintenance.
The ZHIHUA UV Gloss MDF Board, with standard size 1220x2440x18mm,the surface is super gloss and no need any extra coating or process, customers only cut it to the size and put edge banding, the beautiful kitchen doors can be produced in some minutes. And its UV coating surface doesn’t need any special maintenance, just use normal cleaner spray to clean the surface, it will not affect the shinning of its gloss surface.
A. UV Gloss Plain Colors. Among those colors, white color is special. For the UV paint, it is chemical, white color tends turn yellow when it is exposed to the air and sunshine. ZHIHUA UV white paint is imported from Germany. So the white UV color from ZHIHUA Company will not easily change to yellow.
B. UV wooden and marble colors. UV marble colors are the new models of 2018. Those colors are imported from Europe, which are warmly welcomed by the market.
C. UV Metallic colors.
ZHIHUA UV metallic colors, there is a layer of PVC foam with the glittering be pressed onto the MDF Board firstly, then UV Paint sprayings on the surface. Even the cost has been increased a lot compared with the traditional way, it can ensure the glitterings in the surface are even and no color changes between different batches, and looks very luxurious.

16mm Decorative Material UV MDF Board ZH-3908 04




16mm Decorative Material UV MDF Board ZH-3908
basic material 18mm or 9mm MDF
size 1220mmX2440mm

1. UV plain color

2. UV shinning silver color

3. UV wood grain color


High glossy, heat and scratch resistant, moisture proof.

hardness 3H

wardrobes, sliding doors, cabinets, kitchen doors, cupboards

and furniture doors


1. Press the melamine paper on MDF board.

2. Paint the MDF board with UV paint 8 times

edge banding

1. Aluminum edge banding.

2. PVC self-colored edge banding.

3. Acrylic edge banding.

loading quantity

1220mm(W) x 2440mm(L) x 18mm, 460pcs

1220mm(W) x 2440mm(L) x 9mm, 900pcs