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Fo Shan Xin Chuang Decorative Material Co,. Ltd.

We provide customers with various kinds of quality interior decoration panels including laminated board sheets and high gloss mdf panels with high-quality services.


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Sole Agency

Zhihua high gloss MDF board products have been directly sold to more than 100 countries. For its superior quality, Zhihua Group high gloss wood panels have been well accepted worldwide. Besides, Zhihua Group also actively looks for a sole agent in many countries to get win-win cooperations.
To be sole agent in one country for Zhihua Group, firstly, the company should be one of the leaders in the decorative material field, which can have enough ability to represent Zhihua gloss MDF products in the whole country.
And then Zhihua Group will give the company a probation period, like 6 months, during the period, the company should show its strong purchasing ability and sincerity to cooperate. For example, the company can order many containers of UV coating MDF boards and spend lots of money on high gloss MDF board catalogs to advertise in the market.
If the company successfully pass the probation period, then congratulations to the company as it’s time to sign sole agency agreement between the company and Zhihua Group.
During the validity of the agreement, the agent should actively promote the Zhihua high gloss MDF products in the country, and place regular orders as per stipulated in the agreement. Zhihua group should provide necessary advertisement materials like catalogues, sample sheets…etc. And Zhihua Group should not, directly or indirectly, sell or export the goods to the country of the sole agent.
Welcome to represent Zhihua gloss MDF boards in your country and surely that will be win-win cooperations.